Lazy Child? Maybe not...

Parents may suspect that their child is “just being lazy.”  They express frustration because their child has difficulty with doing homework, with following instructions, and with keeping his/her room clean.  While all children have times when they may not want to do things, children with attention problems often have greater difficulty with these tasks.

They are not “lazy.”  On the contrary, there is a part of their brain that doesn’t function as well as it should.  Frequently, the more that they try to do what is asked of them, the less that they are able to do so.  This is because their brain actually “shuts down.”  It is important to understand this because attention problems are often labeled as “laziness.”

Neuropsychological testing can help identify the early signs of attention problems.  If your normally cooperative child shows a marked change in behavior or resistance when undertaking routine tasks, consider the benefits of neuropsychological assessment.  The sooner you get the results the sooner you can help your child thrive.