Moody Kid? Maybe not...

When a child can’t settle down, is argumentative, “moody,” or impulsive, or has trouble getting along with others, parents rightfully are concerned.  Such difficulties may trigger phone calls to parents from the child’s teacher, coach, or others who work directly with the child.  They may lead to reprimands for “bad behavior,” detentions, even expulsions.  

All children may have times when they may misbehave, but the aforementioned behaviors also may be signs of problems with attention.  If not treated, they can lead to longer-term issues, such as dropping out of school and substance abuse.

Early intervention is the key to improved functioning and, in the long run, a better life.  A thorough neuropsychological assessment is the best way to identify how a child’s brain works, and the strategies for helping move toward a more fulfilling life.