What is neuropsychological testing?

Neuropsychology is the study of brain-behavior relationships, and neuropsychological testing is used to determine how the brain functions, any areas of concern, and how to best help clients.

Why do people seek testing?

Clients are referred for many reasons. However, the three most common are concerns about attention, memory, or learning.

What is the age range for testing?

That varies by neuropsychologist. I see clients throughout the lifespan. However, I don’t see clients younger than three years of age.

Why do I have to complete an initial consultation?

The consultation helps me to hear the client’s concerns and history, to determine if testing is appropriate, and if so, to determine how much time testing will take and what tests need to be administered.

How long does the evaluation take?

Evaluations typically range from two hours to six hours. The amount of time needed varies by case. Testing is tailored to best meet the needs of each client.

Is testing covered by my insurance?

In many cases, a portion of testing is covered by insurance. My office checks benefits prior to the first appointment, and we provide clients with an estimate of the cost of testing and any coverage provided by their health plan. However, as I always tell clients, we don’t know the exact out-of-pocket cost until the insurance company processes the claims.

What insurance plans do you accept?

BCBS PPO (Standard and Choice), BCBS HMO (Ingalls Provider Group, Advocate Health Partners, Essential Health Partners, Southland IPA), Medicare, Aetna (via Ingalls Provider Group/University of Chicago), and Loyola Physician Partners. Clients with HMOs must have a referral from their primary care physician that has been requested through their insurance before testing can be scheduled.

For all other plans, my practice is out of network. Clients with out of network plans are considered self-pay and they are provided with a receipt so that they may seek reimbursement directly from their insurance company. Additionally, I’m not a Medicaid provider, and I don’t contract with any managed behavioral health organizations.

Can I pay for testing myself?

Yes, you can. The cost of the initial consultation is $250.00. Once I complete that, I can provide you with an estimate of the cost of testing as well as options for payment.


Clients with HMOs must have a authorized referral from their primary care physician that has been requested through their insurance before appointments can be scheduled.